The Rating System

In order to know what a review is saying, it’s important to understand the rating system that the reviewer employees. Here is an example of The Dusty Reel’s rating system and what each level means.


The product is almost flawless and recommended to almost everyone. Five star ratings are given very rarely and indicate that the subject of the review is of excellent quality in almost every way.

The product isn’t perfect, but it still manages to overcome its shortcomings. Items receiving 4 stars are still of above average quality and easily recommended.

The product in question suffers noticeable problems. In spite of this, it’s strengths still outweigh its weaknesses and it will likely find love with the right audience. 

The product suffers from serious flaws that mire it as a whole. Products with this rating could still have their fans, but even they would probably agree that the product isn’t very good.

The product provides little to no enjoyment at all. Items that receive this rating are not recommended to anyone. Like the 5 star rating, this rating is pretty rare and indicates that the product is truly abysmal with few (if any) saving graces.