Review of DungeonQuest (3rd Edition)


At first glance, a review of Fantasy Flight’s DungeonQuest seems a little out of place. However, even though The Dusty Reel’s main content is composed of movie reviews, games, both table-top and on a TV screen, are a big part of my life. For that reason, I decided to add The Gaming Corner to the site. Along with that, I told myself, “what better way to start than with the third edition of DungeonQuest, the first board game I ever purchased for myself?”

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Review of Legend

I first saw the VHS for Ridley Scott’s Legend sitting on a shelf in my university library. I’ve always enjoyed films from this era and decided to give it a watch. The version I saw was the US cut and, though I was impressed by the film, I can’t say that I really “liked” it. Fast forward several years and, though I had not seen it since that first viewing, images from Legend stayed with me. Roughly five years later, when I saw that a Director’s Cut was available on Blu Ray on Amazon, I decided it was worth forking over the $10 to see it again. I’ve since seen it once or twice more and, though it will never be one of my most watched films (you can check “My Big Five” for those) it’s a movie I’ve come to appreciate. I will say, however, that even though the Us Theatrical Cut has it’s fans and strengths, the Director’s Cut is the superior version.

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Review of Dune

To me, there are three types of movies. Those you love at first viewing, those you hate and first viewing and those you’re never really sure what to make of but that grow on you. David Lynch’s Dune fits into the third category. I’ll admit that, before seeing it I was intrigued by it’s interesting premise and the few images I had seen. However, my first viewing, like so many, left me scratching my head. The plot was dense and the film felt really hard to follow. However, upon repeated viewings it has grown on me. I’ll be the first to admit that Dune has some pretty serious problems (particularly in it’s script and editing) but that it manages to be an impressive mess nonetheless.

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