Review of The White Buffalo (1977)

Image result for the white buffalo poster
(Pictured above is the Japanese poster, because I think it better conveys the film’s tone, and I love the way it looks)

The White Buffalo is a film that, like so many others, I stumbled across by accident. I was actually looking for movie posters to reference for a drawing project I was working on at the time, and was so intrigued by this one that I had to look deeper into the film. Unfortunately, The White Buffalo is not a movie that gets a lot of attention, even on obscure internet forums.

Even so, after seeing the trailer, I decided to give it a chance and ordered a copy of the Blu Ray from Amazon. When it arrived, I was expecting a mildly entertaining Moby Dick style creature feature set in the wild west. To my surprise, that’s not what I got. Continue reading “Review of The White Buffalo (1977)”